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December 24 2017

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Nightwing #37 - variant cover by Yasmine Putri 


Reblog to have a very sexy and very interesting 2013

December 23 2017

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Superman’s return
Justice League (2017)


Uchihas passing around eyeballs like a joint

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dick and babs in birds of prey (1999) issue 08

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Okay, but if I win I get to tell everyone. Deal!

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Uchiha-sensei and School Nurse Sakura ahuehuehue– 


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Character development

December 22 2017



Me, to a waiter at a 5 star restaurant: please tell the chef that if I could, I would be kin with this pasta

the waiter returning five minutes later: the op says feel free to tag as kin.


*youth pastor voice* here’s something that’s “on fleek”…….the lord




imagine your divorce lawyer, tom hiddleston, inviting you over to his home to sign paperwork that will revoke your soon to be ex husband’s parental rights… he shows you an antique eight legged rocking horse in his kitchen that he bought for 300,000 dollars as an homage to his MCU character, Loki. Tom invites you to ride it and gently pushes you on the horse. You’re having fun. Suddenly your husband breaks in with a gun and says he knows you’re cheating on him and HIS divorce lawyer, kenny Chesney, is going to KILL you. Tom Hiddleston hugs you close to his chest and tells you he’ll protect you. Kenny Chesney appears in the doorway. “You have broken your sacred vow,” he says, “you must perish.” “but i didn’t cheat!!” you cry, “we were signing paperwork! right tom?” Tom looks down at his fight. “i…” he says. “tom..? you..?” you say, softly. He meets your eyes. they’re inky black pools of darkness. “i won’t let kenny chesney hurt you,” he says, “even if i have to reveal my dark secrets in front of you. i hope you can forgive me.” he raises his hand and blasts kenny chesney through the wall. your husband cries out in shock and you look back at tom. demon horns have sprouted from his head and he has wings and a tail. you gasp. “tom! what are you!” you cry. “i am… a demon.” he says, “but i ran away from the devil, because i could not bear the evil anymore. ive been in hiding ever since. it was you… that showed me the way of good.” you gasp. kenny chesney crawls over the debris behind you with a pair of angel wings and six arms, each holding a shotgon. “it’s over, tom,” kenny chesney says with a thousand voices, “i’m bringing you in.”

tl:dr but its probably funny

imagine tom hiddleston, demonic divorce lawyer, gently comforting you because someone said your post was too long didn’t read, imagine tom hiddleston demonic divorce lawyer obliterating this user for their rude response, imagine tom hiddleston, demonic divorce lawyer using this post as evidence at your divorce hearing about emotional distress on your behalf and alleging this user was paid by your ex husband to CAUSE that emotional distress. imagine tom hiddleston possessing the judge and making him give you the house in the divorce

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Injustice 2 #37

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Merry Christmas

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“Y-you asked Sakura to give you some tips before…
what did she say to you…?”

“I’m not telling!”


big fan of the guy in the Last Jedi who licks the salt and then says, “salt.”

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Mera in Justice League (2017)

December 13 2017

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She’s a badass with a good heart, soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, she’s the type of woman you marry.

December 10 2017

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Queen Mera in Aquaman #26 (2017)

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“That’s Black Lightning to the Red Bee in less than six degrees of separation.”
“I can do it in three.”


why do i buy??? so many books????? and then just put them on my shelf?? and not read them??????? then

go and buy even more books???????????????

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